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iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass Replacement

Why you have to choose Mistermobile.lk for iPhone 11 Pro Glass , iPhone 11 Pro   Display Replacement. Why you should Choose Mister Mobile for Display Replacement?


  • Because we do it better
  • Because we do it safer
  • Because we do it with a smile
  • We have a Professional Team
  • 20 Years’ experience in Mobile Repair
  • 06 Months Warranty

From Rs.11,100.00

Delivery (Working Days) 2 to 4 days

iPhone Back Glass replacement comes with 2 different grades: Original and A Grande


  • A –Grade Touch &  Back Glass Doesn’t make a big impact on the price So its better to Go for an original Replacement since A grade Touch Smoothness Might not Be As Good As an Original
  • Original – When it Come for an original Replacement, We normally Replace it with a OCA brand Touch as Well as Third-party original Back Glass Which Retains The Essence Of the 100% Original Product

Special Note : We Do not Guarantee that a Touch Digitizer Replacement  will be 100% Successful During the Repair process there is a high possibility that the Display Might Get Damaged During the Repair Process .Mister Mobile Shall take no responsibility for the Damage which might occur during the process , if the you willing to take the risk we are happy to process the repair. There is a high chance that the Display might Get damage and you will have to replace a new Display but since it’s a original Display we would recommend that its worth trying .



Why you should Choose Mister Mobile for Mobile Repair. Because we have a specialized team in  iPhone   mobile Repair in Sri Lanka,  iPhone  Mobile Display  Replacement, iPhone  Mobile Display  Replacement and etc. We do have a Professional Team with 20 Years’ Experience in Mobile Repair so we do it better, safer With a Smile.


Our Services includes


We offer a wide range of mobile repair services. For example, we provide   iPhone 11 Pro   DISPLAY, iPhone 11 Pro   Display replacement, iPhone 11 Pro   DISPLAY, iPhone 11 Pro    mobile repair in Sri Lanka, iPhone 11 Pro   DISPLAY, iPhone 11 Pro   Display replacement in Sri Lanka, and iPhone 11 Pro   DISPLAY, iPhone 11 Pro    motherboard repair. Upon handing over your phone, our technician will run a few tests to identify any malfunctioning parts. Once confirmed, our technician will proceed with the repair.

Glass Quality:

A Grade, Original

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